Child is Father to the Man : How Al Wilson taught Son House How to play Son House

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Delta, Rebecca Davis, Son House

Author : Rebecca Davis

Source :  Blues Access, Fall 1998


“Cambridge, Massachusetts, is still remembered as a center of the “folk revival” of the early 1960′. Many of the scene’s denizens – Joan Baez and Tom Rush among them – had learned their music from Pete Seeger and Leadbelly. Some of these folk revivalists occasionally played blues; however, the deepest Delta blues styles took a back seat to the lighter and more approachable sounds of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

There were a few, however, who appreciated the more powerful Delta blues, and their interest was almost fanatical in intensity.”



  1. Thanks for maintaining this historic article on your blog! I appreciate it.

  2. For the full story on Alan Wilson’s role in the rediscovery of Son House, I hope you’ll check out my bio, “Blind Owl Blues”, at

    There’s also a very nice tribute website established by Wilson’s family. It’s at, and contains informational essays, rare pictures, videos, music downloads, and even samples of Wilson’s own writing. I’ve been honored to make a few contributions there, and am happy to see more and more listeners becoming aware of this man’s great genius.

    Thanks again for this wonderful site. I’m enjoying it very much and regularly recommend it to friends.

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