Booklet Notes to Son House – John The Revelator The 1970 London Session

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Alan Balfour, Blues Revival 60s, Son House

Author: Alan Balfour

(with kind permission of the author)


“On Friday 26th June 1970 shortly after 10pm, in the somewhat incongruous setting of St. Pancras Town Hall’s fading Victorian splendour, Mississippi bluesman
Eddie “Son” House took the stage for the first date of an intensive four week tour of Britain. He had been before, with the 1967 American Folk Blues Festival, but this
occasion was more momentous as the headlines in the Melody Maker tried to impress on its readership: “Your last chance to see the Son”. There had been a
certain loss of dexterity since his 1967 tour, perhaps to be expected in a man of nearly 70, but what his fingers lacked in precise picking was more than compensated
for by his spine chilling voice and eerie slide playing. House’s opening concert performance was greeted with standing ovations; which was to be the case wherever
he played during those four weeks.”



  1. Nice to hear Wilson and House together again.

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