Sleepy John Estes

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Piedmont, Pre war blues, Ray Harmon, Sleepy John Estes

Author: Ray Harmon


“The year was 1961. A lot was about to happen in the world. We see Jack Kennedy on the horizon, burning his way toward supernova in his desire to change America. American pop music stood primed and ready to mainline the uncut condensation of British youth. Freedom of expression was soon to get a 1st amendment hotshot of its own. Everything that is Western culture was about to implode as the decade of the sixties gathered steam on its trip into history.

In Brownsville Tennessee (pop. 4711), a quiet hamlet on the way through a beautiful and poor rural countryside some 60 miles east of Memphis, filmmaker David Blumenthal, who was in the area shooting a documentary on black migration to the North, stumbled upon an old man that he believed to be a forgotten legend of American folk blues.”



  1. Pat Graham says:

    Good stuff Ray. Rich.



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