Shining Trumpets

Posted: July 24, 2012 in History, Jazz, Rudi Blesh

Author: Rudi Blesh


Rudi Blesh (1899- 1985), an American jazz critic and enthusiast held jobs writing jazz reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Herald Tribune in the 1940s. He was a prolific promoter of jazz concerts, particularly New Orleans jazz, and hosted a jazz radio program, This Is Jazz, in 1947.

He published the first major scholarly work on ragtime music, They All Played Ragtime, with Harriet Janis in 1950, which sparked a ragtime revival. He founded Circle Records in 1946, which recorded new material from aging early jazz musicians as well as the Library of Congress recordings of Jelly Roll Morton.

Blesh held professorships at several universities later in his life, and wrote liner notes to jazz albums almost up until the time of his death.

He also wrote ”Shining Trumpets,” a scholarly history of Afro-American music. This work can be read HERE


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