Cow Cow Davenport

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Art Hodes, Boogie Woogie, Cow Cow Davenport

Author: Art Hodes

Source: Jazz Journal May 1959, p. 10-12


Arthur W. Hodes (1904-1993) known professionally as Art Hodes, was an American jazz pianist. Born in Ukraine,  he  settled with his family in Chicago, Illinois when he was a few months old. His career began in Chicago clubs, but he did not gain wider attention until moving to New York City in 1938. In that city he played with Sidney Bechet, Joe Marsala, and Mezz Mezzrow.

Later Hodes founded his own band in the 1940s and it would be associated with his home town of Chicago. He and his band played mostly in that area for the next forty years.

Read HERE an article he wrote in 1959 on Cow Cow Davenport

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