Comparison of Western music and African music

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Afrocentricity, Definitions, Givewell Munyaradzi, Webster Zimidzi


Authors: Givewell Munyaradzi & Webster Zimidzi

Source: Creative Education, vol. 3, n0 2, 2012, 193-195


ABSTRACT: “This article provides a review of Western and African music. The study made a comparison of Western and African music against a biased background towards Western music especially during the nineteenth century when music was interpreted from a Euro-centric perspective. It is important to investigate Africa’s contributions to the music industry. Different interpretations were informed by lack of literature on African music prior to colonization because African music was not recorded in written form. It was entirely based on oral tradition. Failure by early European ethnomusicologists to appreciate traditional African music further isolated African music. Areas of differences are seen in the way Africans treat their rhythm. African rhythms are complicated as compared to Western rhythm. Data for the study were collected using review of related literature on both Western and African music. Major recommendations from this study are as follows, a cross cultural paradigm is needed to enable researchers related stake holders to understand the significance of both Western and African music.”


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