Baby, I done got wise

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Big Bill Broonzy, Big Bill Broonzy, History, Post War Blues


Author: William “Big Bill” Broonzy

Source: The Jazz Record, March 1946, n° 2


“The first time I tried to play anything was in 1914. It was a home-made fiddle and I couldn’t play it right away. That was in Arkansaw near where the Mississippi and Arkansaw rivers come together. I had first heard a home-made fiddle played by a blues singer we knew as See See Rider. Don’t know his name- everybody called him just See See Rider, because he used to sing a blues by that name. Later on Ma Rainey made a record of that tune, but I first heard it down around my home. I never saw anyone else play a home-made fiddle except See See Rider. He was born and raised in Redale, Arkansaw, and he played for everybody around there. Hearing him made me want to do something too.”


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