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Author: Valerie Wilmer
Source: Downbeat, 37 (Aug. 6, 1970), 15, 32.


ALTHOUGH THE UNIVERSAL APPEAL of jazz has never been in dispute, the vocal blues presents an obvious problem of communication. People have the blues the world over -from Watts to Johannesburg they’ve felt the jackboots of oppression and the heartache of lost love-but can they really share in the down-and-out feeling of rejection when it is recounted in a language both musically and literally alien? That a middle-aged Memphis-born blues man bas worked consistently in Europe since 1963 is incongruous enough when you consider the almost insurmountable language barriers, but the fact that he can also move the people to tears is little short of remarkable. Consider the facts:

Memphis Slim s Parisian Love Affair.pdf


Author: Malcolm Nixon

Source: Jazz News, March 15, 1961, p. 8


“GEORGE WEBB of  Jazzshows tells the story of travelling in the West of England with the Acker Bilk Band, all done up with fancy waistcoats, and wearing straw boaters; being near lunch time they got the bus to pull up at a pleasant looking country inn, and everyone poured out straight for the bar for food and a drink.”