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Author: Neil Slaven
Source: R&B Monthly, 22 Nov.1965 p. 2-3


“Until October 11th of this year, Walter Horton was one of the cherished ‘names’ of blues discographers and collectors. His work, mainly as an accompanist, is treated with awe and excitement. With Sonny Boy gone, previously the only one to equal him on the harmonica, Horton must surely be the champion of the blues harp. His staggering instrumental “Easy”, on Sun 180, points to this fact, as do his accompaniments to such singers as Johnny Shines, Willie Nix, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers and Tampa Red. It is paradoxical that the man who produces such virile music should in his appearance look
so physically broken. Life has not used Walter Horton well during his 47 years, but he is proud of what he has accomplished in that time, and this proudly defiant manner is echoed by his unique mastery of the harmonica.”