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On Blues

Posted: November 1, 2011 in History, Max Jones

Author : Max Jones

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(From: The PL Yearbook of Jazz 1946 (ed. A. McCarthy, pages 72-106)

“The blues jumped a rabbit, ran him a solid mile
When the blues overtook him, he cried jes’ like a natch’l chil’.”

“Blues” signifies one thing to one person, something else to another. The word suggests mood music and depressed spirits; it evokes apparitions of that languorous ballroom dance of twenty-odd years ago or worse, the mock plantation scenes beloved of musical-comedy writers with their score or so of black-faced minstrels whooping and strumming in unlikely abandon. It is, in brief, a word so misused as to have been stripped of the greater part of its meaning. From Elizabethan times, the word has denoted a state of despondency, both here and in America, and the Negro named his “dissatisfaction” songs after the mood that begot them. Sometimes the blues is personified by Negro singers”