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Author: Olly Wilson

Source: The Black Perspective in Music  Vol. 2, No. 1, Spring, 1974


“In this paper I have limited myself to a general overview of the nature of the relationship of Afro-American to West African music. In order for my hypothesis to have meaning, it is necessary that there be more detailed study of music throughout the entire area. The basic point of this paper has been to develop a viable hypothesis which would give direction to the consideration of the relationship of African ond Afro-American music. While the notion of a West African musical culture sphere united by a commonality of shared conceptual approaches to music making seems plausible, I recognize that because of the limited knowledge presently available in the field of comparative musicology such formulations must be orimarily speculative. Nevertheless, it is hoped that such an overall view will bring together
ideas from current independent studies to support or refute the hypothesis and hence serve to clarify a very complicated relationship.”


Author: Olly Wilson
Source: Black Music Research Journal, Vol 3 (


Wilson squarely confronts the challenge of defining what “black music” is in all its vastness and diversity. He argues that it should not be thought of as a set of specific characteristics, but a conceptual approach to making music, “the manifestations of which are infinite.” Wilson refers to both aesthetic theory and detailed analysis of musical works to highlight the common threads he believes run through all black music.