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In 2000, Samuel Charters and his wife donated the ‘Samuel & Ann Charters Archive of Blues and Vernacular African American Musical Culture’ to the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center of the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. The archive contains materials collected during the couple’s decades of work documenting and preserving African American music throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. The archive’s materials include more than 2,500 sound recordings, as well as video recordings, photographs, monographs, sheet music, field notes, correspondence, musicians’ contracts, and correspondence.

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I spent a couple of hours to go through the part composed of books on African music and blues to extract the annotated bibliography which you can find HERE on a total of  71 pages. The annotations are extracted as such, with only a few minor typos corrected. My intervention was limited to reformatting and extracting what is relevant in the context of this documentation center.


1. Africa.

2. Early Collections of African American Spirituals and Secular Song and Related Materials

3. Blues Backgrounds and Related Materials.

4. Blues and Blues Musicians.

5. Rhythm and Blues.

6. Caribbean Sources.

6.1. Jamaica.

6.2. Brazil

6.3. Cuba.

6.4 Trinidad.

6.5. The Bahamas, Barbados, the Caribbean Islands, Haiti, the Dominican Republic.

7. Ragtime, the Minstrel Stage, and Scott Joplin.

8. New Orleans Jazz, Its Backgrounds and the Revival

9. Jazz and Jazz Artists.

10. The Spiritual and the Early Gospel Tradition