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Author: Scott Wilkinson
A Thesis Presented for the Master of Arts Degree University of Mississippi – August 1998


“This thesis attempts to demonstrate how white involvement affected the blues revival in America from 19s1 to 1970. Although the blues is a product of African-American culture, the music and its performers did not receive wider recognition until a coterie of white enthusiasts assisted in attracting a larger audience. In order to determine the impact that these revivalists had in interpreting the blues for other devotees, the thesis analyzes the movement from five different perspectives. First, the study of earlier revival movements where whites had taken interest in older black musical styles suggests that the blues revival is merely another example of a

recurring historical phenomenon unique to America. Second, the differing interpretations of the blues by the two largest groups of white enthusiasts involved in the movement demonstrates that their differing analyses of the music were not purely objective. Third, the recording of the blues before and during the revival reveals that whites have always been involved, to one degree or another, in the production of the music. Fourth, analysis of the discovery and

rediscovery of blues singers makes evident that the whites involved in such expeditions did not always find what they had expected. Fifth, an assessment of the venues at which discovered or

rediscovered bluesmen appeared shows that such environments had an effect on how they performed and how the audience reacted to them.”