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(photographed by Val Wilmer at The Marquee Club)

Author: Tony Standish
Source: Jazz Journal, June 1958, p-1-5


“Before anything else is written I would like to thank Chris Barber, and I assume it was his idea, for allowing me to hear Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee in person. I am sure that I speak for just about everyone.
It is really quite fantastic, and one doesn’t have to think back far to when the very idea would have been quite incomprehensible, that jazz enthusiasts in Britain are able to hear these minor giants of jazz (minor is not my word; it is one forced upon me by others who, unknowingly, are in charge of the labels). It is also a flattering indication of the European’s appreciation of jazz that Sonny and Brownie, two uncompromising, honest-to-goodness blues-singers, are able to undertake a nationwide tour and be assured of packed, enthusiastic and generally well-informed houses. This sort of reception must be both unexpected and gratifying to men such as these, whose contributions to their own country’s culture is largely overlooked at home.”