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Hip Hop and Blues

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Elijah Wald, Miscellaneous, Rap

Author: Elijah Wald


Blues fans would seem to have a natural affinity with rap. After all, while fans of the Beatles or Beethoven can complain that it’s just some guy talking over a repetitive, monotonous rhythm, we consider John Lee Hooker’s “Boogie Chillun” a classic. As for the content, it is true that a lot of rap is violent and misogynist, but we have heard Robert Johnson singing, “I’m gonna beat my woman till I’m satisfied,” and have learned to appreciate his strengths despite this. A lot of modern gangsta lyrics might be dismissed as over-the-top boasts about how tough the rapper is, but how different are they from “Hoochie Coochie Man”? Indeed, as many historians have pointed out, there are examples of rap in the work of artists as varied as the Memphis Jug Band, the Golden Gate Quartet, and Bo Diddley — and that’s not to mention all the versions of “toasts” like “The Signifying Monkey.”




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Author: Ken Ficara


“There are few better ways to start an argument among blues fans — or, for that matter, among
rock fans, country fans, or folk fans, or fans of just about any “white” music — than to suggest
that there’s something more to rap music than noise. And further suggesting that rap may be
closer to the original spirit of the blues than the blues itself nowadays leaves many blues fans
too angry to speak coherently.
Why is that? What about rap music inspires such hatred among blues fans? And what about
rap music could possible make it worth considering as the modern urban equivalent of blues?”